Get Organized and Boost Sales with Genius Messenger

Maximize Your Sales Potential with Genius Messenger's Unified Inbox

Are you tired of juggling multiple messaging platforms and losing track of potential clients? With Genius Messenger, you can streamline your sales process and keep all of your conversations in one unified inbox. Say goodbye to scrolling through endless chats and hello to a full-featured client profile that allows you to take notes, set tasks, and communicate on any connected channel. Don't let the chaos of messenger-based sales hold you back - upgrade to Genius Messenger today and start closing deals with ease.


Streamline Your Sales Process

Genius Messenger's unified inbox allows you to keep all of your sales conversations in one place, making it easier to manage your pipeline and close deals faster.

Stay Organized and Efficient

With features like note-taking, task-setting, and full-featured client profiles, Genius Messenger helps you stay on top of your messaging game and maximize your productivity.

Build Stronger Relationships

By keeping track of each client's individual needs and preferences, Genius Messenger helps you tailor your messaging and build deeper connections with your customers.

Communicate on Any Connected Channel

With Genius Messenger, you can communicate with your customers on any messaging platform they use, ensuring that you're always available and accessible to your audience.

Genius Partnership Combo

$497 per Month
  • Genius Partnership Combo - 100
  • Genius Messenger Licenses + 200
  • Genius Connector Licenses