Michael is a marketing visionary experienced in positioning SaaS companies and small organizations for accelerated growth. A decision to build around a personal brand 14-years ago continues to pay dividends for him.

A proven leader in the refining and solidifying corporate identities that resonate in the marketplace, and in developing marketing strategies that open new sales channels and revenue opportunities. Expertise in high-tech verticals and private and public companies across various industries, including healthcare, real estate, high-tech, and financial. Accomplished in the building, as well as restructuring marketing and sales operations to deliver optimal results and efficiencies. Hands-on leadership across all organizational levels that inspires excellence.

Expertise in quickly assessing the competitive position and developing clear brand differentiation that drives sales and brand loyalty. Successful in building effective sales and marketing platforms. Proven track record of creating customer engagement programs that generate brand recognition, loyalty, and solid positioning in the market.